I am collecting information on the
whereabouts of Maypoles in England,
And hope to produce a non-profit making listing of those which are now standing, and any which have, or may be raised or re-raised to celebrate the

The Maypoles I am interested in are the tall, often over 40 feet (12 meters
) high, and are poles that usually stand all the year and are permanently fixed to the ground, traditionally by having their base buried in the earth. These usually stand in some public space, and may, or may not, have some sort of dancing performed at the base.


A Maypole newly erected at Dunchurch Warwickshire in 1996


I am not particularly concerned with "School" ribbon dance poles, which usually have young children plaiting ribbons around them. These were spread through England in the late 19th. and early 20th. Century, largely from Whiteland's College, Chelsea, a Ladies Teacher training College. They are usually temporarily placed on school playing areas.


If you know of a Maypole which has, or is to be erected near where you live please put me in contact with one of the organising committee or tell me about it yourself. Please tell me the Town or Village name, the name of the nearest large Town, and if possible where it is located, village green, High St. etc.


Maypole dancing at Shillingstone
(Shilling-Oakford) Dorset in the
Early 20th. Century.


I will reply to any communications received and pay a visit as soon as possible.
Tom Chambers April 2000
E-mail address:-

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